Connie Podesta

Motivational Speaker

Hall of fame Keynote Speaker, award-winning author of 7 books, human resource professional, 25-year licensed therapist, actress, comedienne, former radio/TV personality, an expert in the psychology of human behavior as it relates to sales, leadership, change and personal/professional development.

Connie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech, Communications and Business, a Master’s Degree in Human Relations and Counseling and was a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) for more than 25 years. Combine this incredible education with 30 years of working with leading organizations throughout the world and you see why Connie is constantly Choice #1. Her education, experience, street smarts, personality and top-notch credentials are guaranteed to help organizations learn how to achieve exciting, measurable RESULTS.

President and founder of Connie Podesta Presents, LLC for 25 years, Connie helps visionary organizations defy conventional thinking and challenge the status quo so they can re-think “business as usual.” Connie attracts clients who want to: Increase revenue and sales.  Rev up performance.  Attract new customers. Lead more effectively.  Stay healthy.  And enjoy life more.

Connie’s first-hand experience in Human Resources, Human Relations, Staff Development, Employee Assistance and Training Coordinator have given her a leading edge when it comes to taking organizations to an even higher level of success.

An expert in the psychology of human behavior as it relates to sales, leadership, change and relationships, Connie is the go-to person when it comes to digging deep into what makes people do what they do and say what they say. Her intuitive understanding of people empowers audiences to be able to ACT, rather than react to even the most difficult of people and situations.

Connie’s background in comedy, theater, radio and TV have created a fiery personality, comedic wit and an unforgettable delivery style that brings so much more to her on-stage performance than the “typical” presentation. Combined with her on-target content, Connie is a rare blend of substance and style.

Connie’s impressive client list includes more than 1,000 organizations in almost every industry. Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses and associations. C-suite through support staff.   Every person feels she is talking just to them.

Connie is experienced in the wide spectrum. Let’s face it—every organization has their highs and lows. Connie has been asked to lend her expertise to companies going through upheaval, reorganization, change, downsizing, and mergers/acquisitions as well as businesses at the very top of their game, yet still want to stay competitive and reach even higher.  Whatever position you are in, or special attention your team needs, you’ll know, even before she gets on stage, that you and your organization are in good hands.

You know you have nailed it with your keynote message when the audience continues to refer to the content long after the event is over! –  Corum

Your presentation was OUTSTANDING! I loved how interactive it was! And you’re right, everyone was still talking about it during the break and throughout the conference.  – EGIA

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